Our Service offers 60 days prevention against Viruses & Bacterias.
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About Us Clumax

Sanitizing & Sterilization Treatments

Environmental friendly solutions for disinfection

Modern disinfectants consist of liquid chemicals that are derived from alcohols, aldehydes, ammonium compounds, oxidizing agents and phenolics. They are applied to surfaces in bathrooms, kitchens and hospitals to destroy microorganisms. While effective at killing germs, they can build up levels of toxic chemicals over time that will reduce indoor air quality; when they contain anthropogenic substances, they can irritate the eyes and skin, and increase the risk of respiratory and central nervous system disorders and cancer. Washing these accumulated toxins away can pollute groundwater and soil. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the use of these disinfectants is increasing 11% annually

Protect Yourself from Viruses Bacterias by
Disinfecting & Sanitization Your Home or Office

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  • +234 (0) 814 9126 165
  • info@clumax.com